What’s GTO?

GTO stands for Game Theory Optimal, basically it just means having an unbeatable strategy. I’ve only ever heard it used in poker but I think it can apply to all aspects of life.

An easy example is rock, paper, scissors. The GTO strategy for this game is to throw each option 33% of the time, this way your opponent can’t counter it. If you threw rock 50% of the time, your opponent could counter it by throwing paper 50% of the time.

I have a theory that most challenges in life can be solved by preparing a strategy based on current knowledge and assumptions, then sticking with that strategy regardless of immediate results.

How does GTO apply to golf?

I have written this paragraph like 20 times and I’m starting to doubt that it does, however I already bought the domain name so here we are.

I suppose step one would be to write down a list of what is costing me the most strokes in order.

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Bunker shots
  • Approach shots under 120 yards
  • Hitting it out of bounds on hole 7. You know the one with the house on the left where that old lady is always watching me. Does she know my golf schedule? I don’t even know my golf schedule. Does she just sit outside all day in that chair watching every golfer? Do people just not notice her? How can you not notice? I can literally feel her stare, like it’s tangible. Mid backswing I swear I can feel her breath on my neck. I wouldn’t mind it if she would like wave, or blink, or do anything but she just sits there, staring menacingly.
  • Approach shots over 120 yards

The next step would be to obviously kill that old lady. Then the GTO practice strategy would be to work on my putting then chipping then bunker shots etc. you get it.

When I’m not plotting that old lady’s demise I should come up with a GTO strategy for playing my golf course. Specifically I should take my current knowledge of my game and apply it directly to my course. I currently am horrible at hitting shots under 120 yards, however I can hit my driver around 290 on average (sick flex I know). That sounds awesome but this means on my course I’m usually under 120 yards on every par 4 so that is a horrible strategy.

Until I can hit a consistent approach shot under 120 yards I should hit my rescue or 3 wood off the tee, this way I have an approach shot with a higher likelihood of landing on the green.

You get the general idea, this page is an abomination just go to the blog.

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