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Mental vs Mechanical

Let’s talk about the only 6 inches that matter, no not that you pervert, I’m talking about the 6 inches between your ears. You ever just stare at a blank screen trying to come up with metaphors for golf? Well you’re going to want to strap in for this one because it is just awful.Continue reading “Mental vs Mechanical”

Deconstructing Golf

I straight up refuse to believe that golf can’t be easy. If you sit down and think about what it takes to shoot par it really isn’t that complicated. I will use my game and my club’s scorecard as an example. In order for me to shoot par I must have:36 putts18 iron shots11 drives3Continue reading “Deconstructing Golf”

And Here We Go

I’m really hoping that the joker quote will be ironic and not foreshadowing how this endeavor will go but I suppose time will tell. Spoiler alert, nothing happens and batman wins. In case you couldn’t tell from the subtlety of my home page, I’m going to try and shoot one round under par and documentContinue reading “And Here We Go”

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