We Talking About Practice

I have practiced putting once since I started this moronic journey. Once. Putting makes up for 50% of golf and I’ve practiced it once. How in the hell can I expect to shoot below par if I only practice half of the game? Can you imagine if other sports teams had my logic? “Well it looks like this one does not belong to the Reds because they refuse to practice pitching and have now given up on average 14 runs a game. The coaches solution to focus on scoring 15 runs a game appears to be not working.” See how dumb that sounds?

On the other hand, I quite literally can’t imagine a more boring activity than going to a golf course and spending an hour on the practice putting green. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun for like well over 2 minutes, damn near 5, but after that I would rather be mulching or whatever mildly annoying activity you can think of.

Maybe I can think of ways to trick my dumb brain into thinking it’s a game and not practice. I could roll out 10 balls and place them in a circle around the hole the same distance and do it until I make all 10. As I was typing that I started laughing because I know that I’ll inevitably say screw this and go home. Maybe I’ll decide that the 40 putts I take a round count as practice and leave it at that.

The only thing I’ve been semi-consistent at is practicing my irons. However I don’t exactly hit crisp iron shots so the divots I’ve been taking on the range have been hilarious. I swear one of them could have covered a frisbee. Not only is it embarrassing to hit a frisbee divot on the range, but it’s probably not good for the course. To be totally frank at this rate the range is going to be running out of real estate in late July. I’m actually somewhat surprised the guy in the pro shop hasn’t given me a mat to hit off.

Can sports just come back so I can dump this stupid project? I suppose I owe it to myself and readers to try and finish this thing, I don’t mean to brag but there are literally dozens of them.

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