The Greatest Ball Striker of All Time

Just an absolutely preposterous swing

I mean watch that video and tell me that anyone has any clue about how you should swing a golf club. That is the most ridiculous swing I’ve ever seen and he’s more consistent than (joke opportunity) Mick Cronin failing to adapt to a zone defense. (nailed it)

Watching Moe Norman hit golf balls made me realize there are only two things that matter when it comes to striking the golf ball. The club head must be square when you hit the ball, and the swing needs to be consistently repeatable. Literally nothing else matters at all. You could drag the club on the ground and spin in a circle as long as it was repeatable and the club head was square.

Moe said he would hit 500-800 golf balls a day, that’s the key. That repetition is how you build a consistent swing. I’ve given up adopting Ben Hogan’s swing and just started hitting 100 golf balls a day, I have no idea how Moe had the time or energy to hit 500 but that’s why he’s the best. It would cost me $70 a day to hit that many balls at the range, and ya boy doesn’t have it like that. Sure I could go to an open field and shag my balls myself (I can’t believe how dirty that sounds), but as I sit here in my “Lazy But Talented” t-shirt I found in my parents basement from high school, I can’t see that happening either.

As I build my repeatable golf swing I think I need to invest more time into the mental part of golf. Obviously confidence is key but bouncing back after a bad hole is probably going to be a major part of this journey. Or maybe I’ll just aimlessly keep golfing and waiting for the world to go back to normal and then delete this website when I get bored.

Future me

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